2.18 – Jailbreak!
December 18th, 2017

2.18 – Jailbreak!

Annnnnd…I’m back! I’m not going to bore you with details or fish for sympathies as to where I’ve been or what’s been going on, other than to say life has a way of messing up the best laid plans. Just know all is good and production on MOTB is back in motion. The only hitch to all of this is, I have nothing ready and waiting — kind of back to square one with things. So, I plan on making some work in progress posts, behind the scenes stuff, some other comic book stuff I think you might find cool or interesting in between getting new MOTB made and ready for you.

I thought about holding this page back to be the beginning of the buffer, but I felt right to just put it out there for you all. Giant thanks to those of you who have stuck around! Enjoy the new post & Happy Holidays to you all!


Discussion (2)¬

  1. Anne says:

    Yay! This is soooooo good. One of the best webcomics on the Internet is BACK!

  2. Mr.Lister says:

    Thanks Anne! Feels good to be back! Much more to come!



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