Emily Brooks could not be a more average, awkward and lonely young woman. Having moved with her best friend Tracy from the security of middle America suburbia to the heart and hustle of Chicago has made things that much more trying. She wishes she could do something meaningful with her life, to be important, to maybe make a difference. Little does she know, she will be the most important person in the survival of the human race! Mankind´s doom is close at hand and will come from beyond our universe!


I’m Gary. I’m an artist. I draw & create stuff; its what I do. I also have a big mouth and like to run it at fairly regular intervals. Can’t help it. It’s in the genes. So, from time to time I will post what’s on my mind, any announcements or update notices for the rest of the website here. I’ll also share cool stuff I see in life, be it on the web, on the TV or around town. My site was established in 2002, of which everything you see, I built. Although I’m sure I have a lot to learn yet, I have hammered my way though learning basic web design and most of the core pro design apps. I’m coming close to crossing the line into full blown tech geekdom.

In regards to comics, I’ve been drawing, dreaming & creating heroes since grade school. I grew up on a healthy dose of 80’s Saturday morning cartoons and tons of Marvel Comics. Since those days I’ve always wanted to create wild and crazy stories about heroes and villains, like the stuff the kept me entertained. Nowadays, I still keep up on the comics and cartoons but now its mostly to follow my favorite artists and animators – following my idols and their creations. I’m also a big fan of movies and music. I listen to a wide variety of styles and sounds while I’m working at the drawing table. Everything from Metallica, Slayer and Pantera to Moby, Mozart and Barry White. Rap, Metal, Soul, Blues, Electronica…it’s all good.

So! There you go. Enjoy yourself. Look around the place. Holler back!.

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